Big Dog Decks

Strong, sturdy, and stubborn about quality.

We founded Picardi Construction in 1971, then started the Redwood Deck Company in 1979 to serve customers who wanted to extend their living space outdoors. At the time, redwood was the best decking product available and easily sourced from local suppliers.
The redwood supply decreased in the mid-‘90s and shipping costs made it an expensive choice. We searched for quality alternatives and discovered Ipe (“ee-pay”), now viewed as the best natural decking product on the market. We consider it superior to many man-made decking currently available.
Recently, more of our customers have wanted man-made decking for low maintenance and color retention. After a lot of research, we have found that solid PVC decking is another great alternative.
We changed our name to Bulldog Decks to reflect our strong and sturdy decks — and our stubborn commitment to quality.

People ask if there’s a bulldog at Bulldog Decks.

You bet. Say hello to Flash.
Our logo is based on our first Bulldog, Munch. We said good-bye to Munch in 2018, and
welcomed Flash in 2019. RIP Munchie.